Products & Services: Countertops

Since concrete is so versatile, using it to build countertops is a natural fit. It can be molded into virtually any form and colored to match any hue.

All of our countertops are custom, one of a kind, hand-made works of art. We take pride in our superior craftmanship and high standards. We're absolutely positive that we can build a countertop for your home or office that will add beauty, functionality and character for years to come.

We offer three series of finishes for our countertops, all available in a wide array of colors:

The Classic Series - Our Classic Series countertops offer concrete's natural beauty and subtle color variations in a smooth finish. They are available with any of our edge profiles and include any necessary cutouts for sinks, faucets or cooktops.

The Designer Series - Our Designer Series countertops feature a silky smooth, reflective finish with sparkling highlights created by diamond polishing. We can grind these down a bit further to expose some of the concrete's aggregate, creating intricate and interesting effects.

The Exclusive Series - Each countertop from our Exclusive Series is truly a masterpiece. This series includes terrazzo finishes with integrated colored glass and custom aggregates, and marbled finishes where two or more colors are intertwined with incredible results.

Our standard thickness for our countertops is 1½ inches. But a 2 inch pour is a common upgrade. Other upgrades include backsplashes, built-in cutting boards and trivets, integrated drainboards, and custom inlays.

Concrete countertops are similar in quality to that of solid surface synthetics (such as Corian and Avonite) or stone (granite, marble, and limestone). However, concrete has an advantage over these other materials due to its versatility. You are not as limited on color, thickness or patterning. In fact, since the concrete is cast in molds, the possibilities are virtually limitless. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it.

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